As we await federal updates, we will be offering a brand new VIRTUAL experience for you, your friends down the street, your family across the country, your co-workers-from-home (who are hopefully all wearing pants) OR people you don't mind e-meeting for the first time! You all remember Chat Roulette, right? That - but better, and with a real-life game master who you will be able to guide as an avatar through the room. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your video game character was a real person?

1. Explore the room virtually on Zoom using our security camera feed AND the first-person view of your avatar.

Like this one.

2. Invite your friends across the way. Invite your family across the country! We'll send your team members a Zoom link to use for your unforgettable escape.

3. Get a downloadable link to your game at the end so you can share it with others, or watch it again and again!

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