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Rumors spread that the person with the highest grade on the final essay will get a big scholarship. While you were sure that the prize was yours, your jealous roommate had other plans. After returning from lunch, you find that your essay is not where you left it, and there is a note on your bed. Your roommate hid your essay somewhere in your room and you only have one hour to find it before the deadline.

Interested in buying a famous painting, you go to a studio that claims to have originals for sale. When you arrive and find that the seller isn’t there, you try to leave, but find that the door locked behind you. Something feels off, but you aren’t sure why. Find another way out before the seller returns and you find the truth behind the uneasy feeling.

You and your team have been called upon to retrieve King Neptune’s stolen trident. A pipeline has burst and left thousands of gallons of crude oil surging towards Atlantis, threatening all sea life. As polluted waters are closing in, the only thing that can stop them is the power of Neptune’s trident.

With your fellow outlaws and fearless leader, Samuel Smyth, you’ve been plotting to rob the town saloon. The pub may seem unassuming, but there is money to be made. You and your team of bandits must steal all the shillings you can before the Sheriff arrives to throw you in the county jail at high noon!

Your great grandfather left a $1,000,000 inheritance check for you in his study; however, some of your distant and dysfunctional family members caught wind of this and are on their way to retrieve it before you have a chance to cash it. You will be left with no money, worthless items of the past, and a million frustrations if you don’t find the check before they do!

In the 1950s, Cold War tensions are rising and the Federal Civil Defense Administration has encouraged you to prepare yourself against the threat of a Soviet nuclear attack. You are stocking provisions in your home's underground bunker when a false alarm seals you in. Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and disengage the failsafes in time, or you may be trapped in the bunker forever!



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