Private Escape Room Experiences

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Open for your families, co-workers, or private social bubble. Advanced booking is required as we safely moderate traffic in and out of our lobby. You have 60 minutes to observe, uncover, and solve as many puzzles as you can to reach your goal.

Are you ready to Unlock the Fun™?

  • Exclusively private experiences (No strangers!)

  • Sanitation between groups

  • Contactless check-in - sign your waiver before you arrive!

  • Staggered schedules to avoid interaction with other groups

  • Our employees will be wearing masks and screened before each shift

Our Rooms

The Con Artist

up to 8 players

You're FBI agents tracking an artist who forges famous paintings and sells the fakes for millions. Sneaking into the gallery during his lunch hour, you only have 60 minutes to get your evidence and get out... especially after the sinister stories you've heard in the community. Rumors say this unassuming man keeps a whole different persona under lock and key.

Can you make it out of this studio that is so much more than what it seems?

King Neptune's Trident

up to 8 players

A storm looms on the horizon and threatens the underwater city of Atlantis. The only way to stop it is to wield King Neptune's trident, a powerful magical artifact locked away in his ocean castle. With Neptune gone, it's up to you to comb through his treasures to combat the storm before it wreaks havoc in 60 minutes' time.

Can you return the trident to its rightful place and use its power to save the seas?

Escape Room University

up to 5 players

Everyone at college is talking about the generous scholarship that will pay off one talented student's loans forever. With your stellar entry essay, you were convinced the prize was yours - but your jealous housemate had other plans. You come back from lunch to find your essay stolen! Luckily, your dorm room contains plenty of hidden secrets to help you recover what's yours.

Can you track down your prized essay in time to win the scholarship and reap those rich rewards?


up to 2 players

Your beloved grandfather has left everything to you in his will, from your childhood home to the money he made as a renowned author. But your distant and dysfunctional family members want to sell the estate for profit. They forged a fake will to claim it all. In 60 minutes, the fake document goes into effect - unless you can prove what they've done.. Your grandfather's study, filled with literature and memories, holds the key.


Can you find your grandfather's will and save his legacy from your scheming relatives?


up to 4 players

As a good citizen in the 1950s, you've installed a bunker under your house to keep you safe when the Cold War gets hot. One day you're stocking provisions when a false alarm seals you in! The bunker's top-of-the-line defenses are now your enemy, and you only have 60 minutes to disengage the failsafes before the bunker locks down for good.

Can you get around the bunker's defenses in time, or will it trap you in until the next millennium?

High Noon Saloon

up to 8 players

With your fellow outlaws and fearless leader, Samuel Smyth, you've been plotting to rob the town saloon. This establishment may appear upstanding, but play your cards right and you'll find gold and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Just watch out - the county sheriff is stopping by in an hour, and if he finds you here the only bars you'll see are on the windows of the county jail!

Can you pull off this Wild West heist in time to make a clean getaway?

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