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Book Your Escape
Please Read Before Booking:
  1. All bookings are private. (No Strangers) 

  2.  Reservations must be made online. 

  3. We recommend our escape games for ages 12 and up. Ages 6+ must be paid.

  4. Participants ages 14 years and younger need an adult present in the room while playing.

  5. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to sign a waiver before beginning their escape experience.

  6. Late arrivals of 10 minutes or later will result in a started timer. 

  7. We are unable to offer refunds less than 24 hours before your scheduled booking time. Rescheduling less than 24 hours in advance is subject to a $40 charge.

  8. Our bookings disappear from our site 30 minutes before they begin. If you're nearby, call us regarding sooner availability! Otherwise, please scroll down to book in advance...

The more, the merrier...

1-4 players: $35/player

5 players: $30/player

6 players: $28/player

7 players: $26/player

8 players: $24/player

20+ players: $20/player

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