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Assemble the Crew. Unlock the Fun 

All our games provide family-friendly, fully immersive settings, carefully designed with detailed puzzles that will keep you captivated from start to finish. Our escape rooms are perfect for bonding as friends, family, or co-workers!​

Will you escape in time?

Reserve Your Private Escape Room Booking Online. Reservations are highly recommended as walk-in availability cannot be guaranteed.

Our Rooms

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The Con Artist

2-8 players | Level: Intermediate

Museums from all over the globe have noticed subtle differences in some of their most renowned paintings... The conclusions of the museum's own investigations have determined the artworks are not, in fact, the originals, but rather clever forgeries. How and why they were swapped remains unknown. That is why they have hired YOU. As private investigators, your firm has received an anonymous tip that a white van was seen speeding away from the National Gallery in Central London all the way to this specific address...

Can you investigate this English flat and draw up your conclusions before the Con Artist paints the town red... with you?

High Noon Saloon

2-8 players | Level: Intermediate

With your fellow outlaws, you've been plotting to rob the town saloon. This establishment may appear upstanding, but play your cards right and you'll find gold and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Just watch out - the county sheriff is stopping by in an hour, and if he finds you here the only bars you'll see are on the windows of the county jail!


Can you pull off this Wild West heist in time to make a clean getaway?

Sorority Séance

2-6 players | Level: Intermediate

You've snuck into the college dorm room of Raven, the last person to see all four of your best friends. Teenagers can be catty, but especially when witchcraft is involved...

Amid crystals, potions, tarot cards, and flickering candlelight, can you find the magic wand needed to reverse the spell cast on your besties? Raven's class ends soon, so hurry - before she comes back to hex YOU as well...

King Neptune's Trident

2-8 players | Level: Beginner

After hosting his annual feast for the other gods and goddesses, King Neptune discovered that his powerful Trident has gone missing! He suspects one of his guests is to blame, and he is not pleased. To hasten its return, he has announced a handsome reward of Godly power and riches for any mortal who can enter his ocean palace and ensure its safe return. 

Can you find Neptune's missing Trident before the gods break into all-out war?

Mission 60

2-3 players | Level: Intermediate

Your partner at the CIA has gone missing. Not only that, but more importantly so has a secret time traveling device, The Voyager. Your partner is suspected of sneaking into a secret holding facility and taking The Voyager for his own selfish desires. 

Sneak into his office and retrieve The Voyager before he arrives back to find you snooping around.

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Break the Ice

Our escape rooms are perfect for getting your team to communicate, collaborate, and work together more efficiently in the workplace.

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