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Art Gallery


up to 8 players

You're private investigators, tracking a small town art collector boasting a suspicious number of famous paintings. Are they forgeries, or are they the originals? Investigate his manor and gain as much evidence as possible before he returns and commissions your doom.

Can you figure out WHO is the Con Artist, WHAT painting is he after next, which museum, when, and WHY is he doing this?

King Neptune's Trident

up to 8 players

After hosting his annual feast for the other gods and goddesses, King Neptune discovered that his powerful Trident was missing! He suspects one of his guests is to blame, and he is not pleased. To hasten its return, he has announced a reward: any mortal who can enter the throne room of his ocean castle and locate his Trident will be bestowed with the favor of the gods - and with riches unimaginable.

Can you find Neptune's missing Trident before the gods break into all-out war?

Diving in the Reef


up to 6 players

You've snuck into the college dorm room of Raven, the last person to see all four of your best friends. Teenagers can be catty, but especially when witchcraft is involved...

Amid crystals, potions, tarot cards, and flickering candlelight, can you find Raven's wand and reverse the spell cast on your besties before she comes back from class and hexes you too?

High Noon Saloon

up to 8 players

With your fellow outlaws and fearless leader, Samuel Smyth, you've been plotting to rob the town saloon. This establishment may appear upstanding, but play your cards right and you'll find gold and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Just watch out - the county sheriff is stopping by in an hour, and if he finds you here the only bars you'll see are on the windows of the county jail!

Can you pull off this Wild West heist in time to make a clean getaway?

Old Western Town
Investigator desk with confidential docu

Mission 30:

a 30-minute challege

2 players

Top secret blueprints to a mysterious machine have gone missing from a government black site! You've been tasked with tracking them down. One of your leads traced back to the office of a rogue agent, a literary world traveler with dangerous intentions. Sneak in during his 30-minute lunch break and slip out undetected with the blueprints before he returns.

Can you retrieve the stolen blueprints before the thief catches you in this uniquely time-limited adventure?

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